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Andhra Politics – Voting on No Confidence Motion – Parties Strength in Assembly

The Andhra Politics has turned highly volatile with all parties, including a section of the ruling Congress trying to pull the Government out of power. The voting to be held on Monday on the No - Confidence motion introduced by the main opposition party in AP Assembly, Telugu Desam has created so much suspension with the twists given by the Congress MLAs and later joined by MLAs of Praja Rajyam Party (PRP). See the list of PRP MLAs here: . The sudden developments in PRP in the wake of perceived dissatisfaction among its MLAs and Chiranjevi for shabby treating given to them by the state Congress leadership and Government has changed the scenario in the power circles. On the other side, fresh rounds of meetings held by YSR Congress Party chief and MP, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy at his Lotus Pond House declared the they wanted the incumbent dispensation out.

Let us see the much important number game in Andhra Pradesh Assembly. The effective strength of present Assembly is 294 MLAs. But it was reduced to 287 due to resignation of 6 MLAs and death of one MLA. The Congress has to get the support of at least 144 MLAs to defeat the no confidence motion. The Congress leadership's confidence that they had sufficient numbers in the Assembly turned suspicion when 17 MLAs of PRP along with their leader Chiranjeevi raised dissent voice a day before the voting on no confidence motion. Rubbing salt on the wound, the latest meeting held by YS Jagan was attended by 23 MLAs, majority of them from ruling Congress. The voting process is going to create a lot of impact on YSR Congress as supporters of YS Jagan keep on tilting their loyalties every alternate day. Following is the present strength of various parties in Andhra Pradesh Assembly:

Strength of Ruling Congress and its allies (Total - 180):

1) Congress Party: 153 (Including Jagan Camp MLAs)
2) Praja Rajyam Party (PRP): 18 (Including Sobha Nagireddy of Jagan Group)
3) MIM: 7
4) Associated Member: 1
5) Nominated Member: 1

Strength of Opposition Parties (Total - 108):

1) Telugu Desam (TDP): 86
2) TRS (Telangana Rashtra Samithi): 12
3) CPI: 4
4) CPM: 1
5) BJP: 2
6) Lok Satta: 1
7) YSR Congress: 1
8) Independant: 1

All the political parties have issued whip on their members to be available for voting on Monday in the Legislative Assembly. The PRP merger process has not been completed due to a petition filed by it's MLA Shobha Nagi Reddy, challenging the merger is in pending in the court. There seems to be a lot of fear among the Jagan supporters as they will be disqualified from the Assembly if the Government wins the no confidence motion.

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