The Government of Andhra Pradesh is inviting suggestions from the public from all walks for life for various structures, departments, designs, junctions, buildings etc. The public can post their suggestions to the Government through CRDA website at .

The Government will decide the best names for various structures / departments in Amaravati - Praja Rajadhani after shortlisting the suggestions from the public.

The names can be taken from the historical sources of Andhra Pradesh, India, history of Andhra region etc. The suggestions will be submitted to the consultant, Norman Foster. The buildings, roads, streets, guest houses, offices, regional departments etc will be named after these sources.

Following is the procedure to send your suggestions:

1) Log on to
2) See the FAQs section for the link to send suggestions.
3) Fill the details of Name, Email ID, Gender, Phone No, Suggestion / Opinion.

There is word limit on the suggestions / opinions. After filling the details, press on Submit. With that your suggestion will be recorded.

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