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Best Residential Colonies in Hyderabad and Secunderabad

The GHMC (Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation) has selected 15 best colonies and welfare associations in the city of Hyderabad. The GHMC has awarded monetary prizes for these best colonies. Three colonies were selected from each of the five zones for their cleanliness, sanitation, greenery and good local infrastructure. The GHMC Commissioner has gave away the prizes to all the best colonies. The GHMC Commissioner has also announced that the prize money of Rs.15 lakh won by the each best colony would be spent for the development activities in the colony such as construction of community halls, roads, parks, etc. It is also announced that those colonies paying 100 per cent property tax will be considered for choosing the best colony next year

About 135 colonies have participated in the contest earlier this year. All the colonies were evaluated by an independent agency - United Federation of Resident Welfare Association, Hyderabad, (U-FERWAS). The colonies were given grades base on their performance in the areas of garbage collection (20 marks), litter bins at all commercial establishments (20 marks), cleanliness of roads, lanes, bye-lanes and open spaces (20 marks), maintenance of greenery and cleanliness in park (20 marks), colony infrastructure such as pathways, restrooms and lights (20 marks). Those colonies using plastics will be given negative marks of -10. Following are the best 15 colonies in GHMC area.

1. Armed Forces Officers Cooperative Housing Society Limited
2. The Prashantinagar Welfare Association
3. Saket Residents Association
4. Sri Lakshminagar Residents Association
5. Vinayanagar Cooperative Housing Society Limited
6. Nalandanagar Welfate Association
7. Model Town Colony Residents Welfare Association
8. Shantinagar Club and Welfare Association
9. Netajinagar Residents Welfare Association
10. The Navodayanagar Colony Welfare Association
11. My Home Navadweepa Apartment owners Welfare Association
12. Vivekanandanagar Colony Welfare Association
13. Whisper Valley Owners Association
14. Umanagar Residents Welfare association
15. Army Welfare Mutually Aided Co-Operative Maintenance Housing Society
16. Mani Enclave Residents Welfare Association

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