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Can Chiranjeevi become CM of Seemandhra

Why not, if the Congress party want to have more fun out of Andhra Pradesh. Chiranjeevi has been emerged a big laughing stuff in the Congress party, and of course among the people too since the merger of PRP with the Congress party.

Chiranjeevi has expressed his unquestionable loyalty to the Congress high command on the big day, when the Telangana Bill came to Rajya Sabha.

This could be the big reason to consider him for the Chief Minister post by the congress party. Even though there is a competition from Botsa, Kanna, Aanam and Raghuveera Reddy, Chiranjeevi always stands out for his dramatic expressions, willingness to appear in front of media and unambiguous loyalty to Sonia Gandhi and Congress party.

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1 thought on “Can Chiranjeevi become CM of Seemandhra

  1. Kunuthur Srinivasa Reddy

    Choice of Mr.Chiranjeevi for the Chief Ministership of Andhra Pradesh prior to the General Elections 2014, I must appreciate whoever made it, is a historic decision to serve the mandate of the Indian National Congress at the current status and circumstances. He reflects a holistic loyalty towards Mrs.Sonia Gandhi and Mr.Rahul Gandhi with unconditional surrender and prostration. Unfortunately, former CM Mr.Kirankumar Reddy does not know the art of remaining in power spine free.


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