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The real estate boom in Andhra Pradesh driven by the set up of capital and other industries and infrastructure related proposals is most likely to burst very soon. The nature of appreciation and growth of lands and property values could be difficult to sustain in the medium and long term.

It is reported that a team of experts from Singapore have visited the proposed area marked for the construction of capital in Guntur district and expressed reservations over the durability of skyscrapers with the given nature of the land and seismic studies.

More over the political circles and the common people will take their own time to realise that the Hyderabad like capital and growth for the Andhra Pradesh would be a distant reality.

The proposed land pooling, acquisition and launch of various projects may need 3-4 years to take a shape. There comes the election season and uncertainty. All these factors are likely to hit the bad realty boom which could be a healthy development.

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