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The Government of Andhra Pradesh appears to be succumbing to the pressure invoked by it's political rival YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) on the land pooling for the construction of capital city. The latest compensation package released by AP Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu is indicating that the Government is firm on land pooling at 'any cost'. The government has revised the earlier compensation package.

Latest compensation package includes following incentives:

1) 1100 Sq.yards land per each acre after development
2) Lands nearer to coastal areas will get 200 sq.yards land per each acre.
3) All other people will get 100 sq.yards land
4) Rs. 50000 koulu will be given to the lands which are yielding three crops in a year.
5) Other lands will get Rs. 30000 as koulu.

Still there are so many apprehensions among the farmers on the benefits of participating in land pooling. The farmers are interested in meeting the Chief Minister directly and get clarification on the compensation.

On the other hand, several organisations are opposing the large scale land pooling efforts of the Govt. in the name of capital city. They are alleging that the TDP leaders are doing real estate business in the name of capital and land pooling.

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