All the land records in Andhra Pradesh are being linked to Aadhaar Number of the pattadars. The land records are updated with latest survey numbers and aadhaar numbers. Following is the step by step procedure to link aadhaar with your land records through AP Meebhoomi portal.

1) Log on to (Mee Bhoomi Portal)
2) Click on Aadhaa Linking link on the menu
3) Fill the columns with the details of District name, Mandal name, Village name, Khata Number and enter the code in the box provided.

4) Click on the submit link and you will get the pop up window to enter your Aadhaar Number.
5) Enter your Aadhaar Number and submit.

You can also check the status of Aadhaar linking with Khata Number. If it is not yet linked, you can contact the VRO concerned to link it through the portal.

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