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Here comes the war of mobile operators for increase in connections and dominance in network! Government run mobile operator BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) has raised curtains for new competition among mobile operators. With the launch of Mobile Number Portability (MNP) across the country, the state run BSNL has initiated the offers for other mobile network customers to switch to BSNL. The company announced that it will offer number portability free of cost and an additional talk value of Rs. 100 for pre-paid customers.

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited is offering this free of cost facility for those customers switching from other mobile operators to its network in the same licensed service area and likes to retain their existing mobile number. BSNL has waived the port-in fee of Rs. 19 and Rs. 20 for providing new SIM card. These charges are being collected by most of the leading operators. With the announcement of BSNL, it is most likely that other operators would also follow it to retain their connections.

BSNL also announced different offers for prepaid and post paid customers switching to its network. The company shall provide an additional talk value of Rs.100 apart from the normal free talk value for prepaid connection. Post paid customers shall get 50 percent rebate in the monthly charge of first month after switch-in from the other operator.

Sum up of offers by BSNL for switch in customers:

1. No Charges on Switch in / port in and Simcard for Rs. 32
2. Rs. 100 talktime free for prepaid customers
3. Free download of 5GD data through GPRS for the first month for Pre paid customers.
4. No switch in / port in charges for post paid customers also.
5. 50 percent concession on rental for first month for post paid customers.
6. Free download of 5GB data through GPRS for the first month.

Change to BSNL without changing your mobile number using MNP

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