Contrary to the general perception of indifference and delays in the work, Dale Carnegie Training Institute has opined that the employees from India are hard workers. We usually come across several difficulties in getting the work done in public offices. But the Dale Carnegie report has something special about the employees in India.

The survey report has said that 46 percent of Indian employees work with utmost concentration and commitment. This average at the international level is just 34 percent. Startlingly, only 30 percent employees in USA work with commitment, reveals report.

Another unique feature of Indian employees is that 61 percent of them are always ready to work overtime on additional working days, even without any extra / over time (OT) payment from the managements.

58 percent of the Indian employees does know and have clarity on what the management is expecting from them through offering an employment. Another 58 percent employees feel that they are contributing to the success of their company.

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