Harsha Vardhan, a Class 11 student from Visakhapatnam is the latest buzz. He developed a mobile application (app) with the facility of multiple functioning (Twin Messengers) on TV, Mobile and Computer systems. Technology giant Google has issued content approval certificate fo this application.

Chat App Tulasi and Meethee Bath are the apps developed by Harsha Vardhan within four months. Both the apps are interconnected and can be used simultaneously. The app is available for download from Google Play Store. Following are the features of these apps:

1) 1500 MB data can be sent at a go.
2) 5000 members can formed in a group
3) Video can be transferred with best quality through auto compressor.
4) Password lock facility and stop verification are also available.
5) Videos and pictures received through apps will be saved on cloud in order to save memory of the smart phones.
6) The apps can be used on android platform on TV, Laptop, PC and smart phone.
7) Videos and photos can be transmitted with maximum speed.

It can be a good effort by Harsha Vardhan given his age. We wish all the best for his future endeavors.

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