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Child Care Allowance for Women with Disabilities Goes up to Rs 3000

The Government of India is providing child care allowance of Rs. 3000 per month for women employees with disabilities. At present, an allowance is Rs. 1500 per month is given to differently - abled female employees. This is for taking care of their newborn child.

The child care allowance shall be payable from the time of the child's birth till the child is two years old. The allowance will be paid for a maximum of two eldest surviving children.

The upper limit of the allowance will be automatically raised by 25 percent every time the DA on the revised pay structure goes up by 50 percent, as per the directive issued by the Government of India. The decision is taken based on the recommendations of seventh central pay commission.

The pay commission raised concerns over the huge responsibility that disabled women shoulder while raising their children and recommended the allowance of Rs 3,000 per month. Most of the recommendations of the commission were implemented by the Government of India.

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