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Congress – TRS merger to benefit TDP

The proposed TRS - Congress merger is likely to benefit Telugu Desam party in Telangana in the coming Lok Sabha and Assembly Elections 2014.

The TDP has good base among the backward classes in the region. The abolition of patel and patwari system by NTR has created strong vote bank for TDP in the region.

Though the Telangana issue and TDP's ambiguity on the bifurcation has some negative impact on the party, still TDP enjoys traditional vote base in Telangana.

The Congress - TRS merger may further consolidate the voting pattern in Telangana which can uplift the chances TDP in the region. The dissidents in both Congress and TRS may tilt towards TDP and also BJP.

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1 thought on “Congress – TRS merger to benefit TDP

  1. Kunuthur Srinivasa Reddy

    It is essential for the TRS to demonstrate its loyalty to Congress, by merger as was done by Praja Rajyam Party which was founded and dissolved by Mr.Chiranjeevi who spiraled to power. It is good that BJP reflected very well its true colours before the General Elections 2014 and cautioned the TDP by default and made the TDP to review its decision to join hands with the BJP to fight Congress party. It is high time for the TDP to realize the true colours of BJP and Congress. Wisdom should dawn on TDP to go alone to fight the General Elections 2014.


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