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Crop Loans without Pattadar Passbooks in Telangana

The Government of Telangana has made several key ammendments to the Pattadar Passbook Act 1971. The bill has been introduced in the Telangana Assembly. Farmers will get crop loans without passbooks, if the ammendments in the bill are passed.

1B from Webland:

The banks can collect the data of farmers from webland services and obtain 1B records in order to sanction crop loans.

Mutaion data in 30 days:

The Tahasildars concerned will be able to get the data of mutation within 30 days after the completion of the mutation process. The VRO will inform the same to Tahasildars on the day of mutation itself.

Corrections by Tahasildars:

Any corrections in passbooks have to be carried out by Tahasildars only. Banks will not ask for pattadar passbooks and issue loans based on 1B data on webland portal.

Mutation time has been reduced to 15 days from 90 days. Details of passbook and title deeds will be available in a single book instead of separate books.

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