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Sri Krishna Committee Report in Telugu- Download

Justice Sri Krishna Committee Report on Telangana has been translated into Telugu and Made available for public by the Government of Andhra Pradesh. Sri Krishna Committee has sybmitted its much awaited report to Home Minister P.Chidambaram on 30th December 2010. The report has been in discussion for a long while and continues to be in news as the final decision has not been taken yet by the Government of India.

The Sri Krishna Committee has suggested a total of six proposals to the Govt. of India and dismissed the first three as impractical. The most contentious 5th and 6th suggestions are in limelight as the Govt. is most likely to take a final verdict on the issue. If you like to read the report in Telugu, please visit following websites. You can find all the 9 chapters and a final version in Telugu on the following sites:


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