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e-Passbook and Title Deed within 15 minutes in Andhra Pradesh

The Government of Andhra Pradesh has decided to issue e-passbooks to farmers within 15 minutes after submission of online applications. The epassbooks will be issued through e-Seva or Mee Seva centers. The applicants need to pay Rs. 25 as service charge.

Farmers and other land owners have been struggling to get passbooks from revenue offices for various purposes. Mee Seva Centers have been ordered to issue passbooks within minutes as per the new guidelines.

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Chief Minister of AP, Chandrababu Naidu has launched new e-passbook service along with Director General of National Informatics Center, Neetha Verma. The NIC has also suggested various measures to improve webland services in Andhra Pradesh.

Following is the procedure to get e-passbook from Mee Seva Centers:

1) Visit your nearest Mee Seva Center
2) Apply online for e-passbook
3) Pay Rs. 25 as service charge for e-passbook
4) You biometric finger prints will be collected by the staff at Mee Seva Center
5) Land details will be checked on webland portal of Government.
6) e-passbook and title deed will be issued to the applicant if the details are matched with the information on webland.

e-passbook will have all the important security codes like special number, QR code, IP address, digital signature of Tahasildar concerned etc. You can also check the validity of epassbook and title deed with the help of Bhoo Sodhak mobile app.

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