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Email Black Money Details to

The Government of India has created an email id for tip-offs on black money hoarders. The people of India can send / email the block money details to which will be monitored by a special cell. The cell will take immediate action of the tip-offs they receive about black money.

The government has set up an email address where people can send in information of those hoarding black money to the tax authorities. The Government has also clarified that the amount deposited in banks does not mean it’s white, unless tax is paid on the amount.

People can give information about those trying to convert their black money into white through the email id. The Government has also opened a tax disclosure scheme on 17th December 2016 which will attract 50 percent tax and additional penalty on black money.

The disclosures will be considered under the scheme PM Garib Kalyan Yojana (PMGKY) where the gathered amount will be used for the welfare of the people. The government is also proposed to keep the declarations made under the new money disclosure scheme confidential.

The Government has made it clear that the declarations under new black money disclosure scheme to be kept confidential and information will not be used for prosecution. The people who disclose black money under this scheme will have to be shown to avail disclosure scheme benefits including immunity from prosecution.

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7 thoughts on “Email Black Money Details to

  1. ashish

    I m happy with such kind decession..I hope that no one have any exception from it even politicians also....
    income tax department should target firstly politicians they nly polluting govt. employees by their power r by money....
    jai hind jai bharat

  2. venu gopal

    In mettuguda, near ayyappa temple, secunderabad there are several jewellary shops who are still not doing the digital transactions and are insisting for payment by cash only. Inspite of measures taken by the government for stopping the black money they are still not scared of anything. If you ride all the jewellary shops in mettuguda which are maintained by all their family members only and who also have half of the residential houses owned by them you will definitely find the black money and illegal properties. One more thing Sir, now govt. is insisting on digital payments in almost all transactions but today when I approached post office's near Ashok Nagar, Chikkadpally and Himayatnagar (where recently CBI raids were done) are not accepting the cheque payment for Postal life insurance payment. They are bluntly rejecting the cheque payment saying that we will not accept cheques only cash is accepted. Sir, I have to pay Rs.7000/- in this situation when banks are not issuing cash and post offices not accepting the cheques how can I pay the due amount. please I humble request you to kindly look into the matter and issue the stirict instructions to post office to accept the cheque payments or card payment. And also please take care of the jewellary shops in Mettuguda.

  3. Raj Kishore Maharana

    Dear Sir,
    This is information regarding two most corrupted officials those have amassed lakhs of unaccounted for Govt. money through uneven means.These two are one Mr.D.Mallewara Rao,Principal and another Mr.Ramakanta Behera, UDC of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya,At/Po.Narla, Dist.Kalahandi,Odisha,Pin-766100
    The pass books nos. of Mr.D.Malleswara Rao,Principal- 30977500204 SBI,Narla Branch and 514210110000430 BOI,Narla BrANCH
    The pass books nos. of Ramakanta Behera,UDC-30963823131 SBI,Narla Branch and 514210100004001 BOI,Narla Branch.
    Apart from that they have made big palatial buildings at their native places at Tekkali, Srikakulam Dist., Andhara Pradesh by Mr.D.Malleswara Rao,Principal and at Phulbani Town, Phulbani District in Odisha by Mr.Ramakanta Behera, UDC. Action as deemed fit may please be initiated against these two corrupted persons immediately.
    Please keep my name secret or else it may lead to my service problems.


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