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Gujarat Elections Results 2012 – BJP and Congress Seats

The vote counting for the Gujarat Assembly elections 2012 has been under progress. The BJP is leading in the majority of seats. Narendra Modi has set the stage to come back for the record third time as Chief Minister of Gujarat. This will the hat track win for Narendra Modi. Here we are giving latest updates on the results and counting of Gujarat elections 2012:

BJP: 114 seats (Leading)
Congress : 62 leading
Others: 6 leading

Gujarat has 182 Assembly seats. Narendra Modi of the BJP is the strong man in the state and emerged as a front runner throughout the election process. He already completed more than 10 years in the office of the Chief Minister.

We have plenty of news and resources on Gujarat elections 2012 on this website. Check Elections tab in the menu or categories. Information of district wise constituencies and MLAs are also provided. The other state that is going for a change in the Government is Himachal Pradesh. The counting of votes and results trends of Himachal Pradesh are given in another post.

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