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History of Madhya Pradesh Vidhan Sabha Elections till 2013

The Assembly elections (Vidhan Sabha elections) to Madhya Pradesh Assembly are on the cards. The election commission is likely to release the election dates for Madhya Pradesh very soon. The Madhya Pradesh (MP) voters were always supported a single party government and there were no instances of coalition governments in Madhra Pradesh.

Here is the brief history of Assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh. In all the elections till the date, the electorate has given comfortable majority to the winning political party. Janata Party, Congress and BJP have ruled the state till the date. Here is the timeline:

1) 1977 Elections: The Janata Party came to power in MP. But the same party was defeated by the people in the very next elections and the Congress was again voted to power.

2) 1980 Assembly elections: The Congress party was voted back to power in 1980 assembly elections. The Congress won 246 seats and the opposition secured just 60 seats.

3) 1985 elections: The Congress gained 250 seats on the backdrop of sympathy wave after Indira Gandhi’s assassination. The opposition party secured only 58 seats.
4) 1990 Elections: The Congress Party was again defeated miserably and confined to 56 seats after Bofors scam. The BJP came to powe for the first time through winning as many as 220 seats.

5) 1993 elections: In the by elections held after Ayodhya episode, the BJP was ousted and Congress came back to power with 174 seats. The BJP has secured 117 seats in that elections.

6) 1998 elections: Congress again formed the government in the state by winning 172 seats in 1998 Assembly elections.

7) 2003 and 2008 Elections: The BJP has won in 2003 elections and extended the record to 2008 elections. The BJP has secured 172 and 143 seats in 2003 and 2008 elections respectively. The Congress was confined to 39 and 71 seats in these elections.

The Congress Party seems not favorable in the coming 2013 elections as well. The Sivaraj Singh Chouhan Government of BJP is on upper hand over the Congress image.

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