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Hyderabad Metro Train Ticket Charges – Minimum and Maximum Charges

The Hyderabad Metro Rail Limited (HMRL) is proposed to fix a minimum charge of Rs. 10 to travel in Metro Train in Hyderabad. HMRL is a prestigious project of Government of Telangana and L and T company. The charges are likely to be fixed per kilometer and also for end to end travel.

End to End charge at Rs.50 - 60:

The L and T has proposed Rs. 60 as end to end travel. At the best, L and T may finalise this between Rs. 50 and Rs. 60. People have to pay between Rs. 100 - 120 to travel from Nagole to Miyapur.

The minimum charge will be applicable for first 5 kilometers. But L and T has proposed to limit this to 2-3 kilometers only. The charge for each kilometer after minimum charge will be between Rs. 2 or Rs. 3 rupees.

Peak and Non - Peak Charges:

HMRL is also proposed to introduce peak and non peak charges system as like in other metro train services in the country. The charges also will be rounded off to avoid denomination problems.

The Metro charges will be less than AC bus charges. The Metro train also has to face competition from share auto / cab services. The ticket charges have to be fixed considering the affordability and income sources of Metro Project.

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