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i-Slate Educational Tablet PC for Students and Teachers

After the buzz over cheapest Aakash tablet PC, here comes another tablet exclusively designed for the education purpose. Named i-Slate Education Tablet PC, the new innovation is designed jointly by RICE University (RICE), Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore and VIDAL (Village in Development of Learning Foundation). USA based architect Henric Anderson and Krishna Palepu have played crucial role in bringing this tablet PC.

The i-Slate educational tablet PC is designed considering the educational needs of students and parents. The PC is being in use in the schools of Mahaboobnagar district on pilot basis. The programmes have been changed thrice for improvement of performance. The PC has been given for the school students by VIDAL.

The organisers are aimed at distributing about fifty thousand PC in the coming three years. The PC is said to be useful for teachers, headmasters and parents as well along with students. This is the time for cheaper PCs. So many other leading computer manufacturers also trying to bring low cost tablets. Aakash is the leading in its series. You can book Aakash tablet PC Online through UbiSlate website.

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