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JD-S Candidates List for Karnataka Assembly Elections 2013

Janata Dal (Secular), headed by former Chief Minister H.D. Kumara Swamy is yet to make its mind up on the contestants for Karnataka Assembly Elections 2013. The JD (S) has 28 members in the present assembly. It has better numbers in 2004 elections and gradually losing ground in the state.

The Party has electoral alliances with the Congress Party after 2004 elections. Later it withdrew the support to the Congress Government and formed alliance with the BJP to secure the top post (Chief Ministership) under the leadership of HD Kumara Swamy.

The rift between the JD (S) and BJP resulted in mid term polls in 2008 in which the JD (S) lost the numbers and secured third place with just 28 seats. The BJP won that elections and BS Yedyurappa sworn in a Chief Minister.

The JD (S) will be contesting on its own in 2013 Vidhan Sabha elections and may open to alliance with any party after the elections. The Party has to find strong candidates to secure respectable majority.

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