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Kadapa, Pulivendula Bye Elections News 2011 | Results and Majority

YS Jagan of YSR Congress Party has won Kadapa Lok Sabha seat with a record majority of 545000+ votes in an historic bye elections. YS Jagan's mother, Vijayalakshmi got 80000 + majority in Pulivendula Assembly constituency. DL Ravindra Reddy and MV Mysoora Reddy of Congress and TDP have lost their deposits in Kadapa. Following are votes polled for all the candidates:
Kadapa Lok Sabha seat:
1. YS Jagan Mohan Reddy- YSR Congress: 692250 (Majority: 545671)
2. DL Ravindra Reddy- Congress: 146579
3. MV Mysoora Reddy - TDP: 129565

Pulivendula Assembly seat:
1. YS Vijaya Lakshmi - YSR Congress: 110102 (Majority: 81373)
2. YS Vivekananda Reddy - Congress: 28729
3. B.Tech. Ravi - TDP: 12051

The counting process of votes polled for Kadapa and Pulivendula Bye Elections 2011 has been started at 8 AM. The victory of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy's YSR Congress is much expected in these bye elections. The Congress and TDP will be fighting for runner up positions. YS Jagan and his mother Vijaya Lakshmi are most likely to re-elect to MP seat and MLA seat respectively. The live updates of Kadapa and Pulivendula bye election results and majorities are available on / / Result live updates may also be availed from TV channels such as TV9, Sakshi TV, NTV, ABN Andhra Jyothy, ETV2, TV5 etc. The leading newspaper sites such as,, also provide latest updates on bye elections results 2011.

Chief Electoral Officer, Banwarlal has released polling statistics after the end voting process in Kadapa and Pulivendula bye elections. Kadapa and Pulivendula recorded 69.5 and 81 percent voting respectively. Based on these trends, the unofficial estimates indicating that YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is likely to get a winning majority of more than 2 lakh votes comfortably and YS Vijaya Lakshmi will get a majority of more than 50000 votes. The counting will start at 8 AM on 13th May 2011 and the complete result is likely to come out by 2 PM. Following are the figures of voting percentages registered in various constituencies under Kadapa Parliamentary constituency and Pulivendula Assembly Constituency.

1. Kadapa Lok Sabha Segment: 69.5 percent
2. Pulivendula Assembly segment: 81 per cent
3. Badvel : 80.18 percent
4. Kadapa Assembly segment: 57.28 percent
5. Kamalapuram : 63.22 percent
6. Jammalamadugu : 65.31 percent
7. Proddatur : 70.37 percent and
8. Mydukur : 70.59 percent

Previous Update: The Bye elections process for Kadapa and Pulivendula constituencies is underway. All the candidates have filed their nominations as on 16th April 2011. Elections will be held on 8th May 2011 for both the constituencies and counting of votes will be on 13th May 2011. Results and majorities of winning candidates along with poll percentages will be announced by afternoon on the same day. Here is the schedule of bye elections.

Schedule of Bye Elections to Kadapa, Pulivendula Constituencies 2011:

1. Nominations start: 13 April 2011
2. Close of filing of nominations: 18th April 2011
3. Last date for withdrawal of nominations: 21st April 2011
4. Polling Date: 8th May 2011
5. Counting of Votes: 13th May 2011

Contesting Candidates for Kadapa Lok Sabha Constituency:

1. YS Jagan Mohan Reddy: YSR Congress Party
2. DL Raveendra Reddy: All India Congress
3. MV Mysoora Reddy : Telugu Desam

Contestants for Pulivendula MLA Constituency:

1. YS Viajaya Lakshmi (YSR Congress Party)
2. YS Vivekananda Reddy (All India Congress)
3. B.Tech. Ravi (Telugu Desam)

Earlier Info: The Chief Electoral Officer (CEO), Bhanwarlal said that the commission had written a letter to the Election Commission of India (ECI) for holding bye elections for Kadapa Lok Sabha and Pulivendula Assembly Constituency on December 8. The segments remain vacant after the resignations of Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy and Y.S. Vijaya Lakshmi for Kadapa and Pulivendula Constituencies respectively.

Bye elections to Kadapa and Pulivendula constituencies have to be conducted and new representatives should be elected on or before 29th May 2011. Y.S. Jagan and his mother Vijaya Lakshmi resigned on 29th November 2010 after releasing a sensational open letter written to Sonia Gandhi mentioning the woes faced by him and his family after the death of Dr. Y.S. Raja Sekhar Reddy.

It is most likely that bye elections to the two constituencies will be held sometime during May 2011. Y.S. Jagan might finish the formalities required for floating new party by that time and contest on the new symbol and party.

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  1. neeraj reddy

    people of ap love him a lot even now if elections occurs there will be a clean sweep of ys jagan mohan reddy in all the districts of andhra and rayalaseema while kcr will sweep off the telangana districts


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