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Latest Population Statistics 2011 | Top 5 States | Andhra Pradesh Census

Following are details of population as per the census 2011. Indian population increases by more than 181 million, or 17.6 percent, from 1.03 billion to 1.21 billion between the years 2001 and 2011. During the same time population of Andhra Pradesh has increased by as much as 84.56 lakh. Now, Andhra Pradesh is the 5th most populated state in India with 8.47 crore. Following are the important statistics of Census 2011:

1. As a while, Male population rises 17.2 percent to 624 million. Female population rises by 18.1 percent to 899.5m.

2. 2001-2011 is the first decade (with the exception of 1911-1921) when population has grown less than in previous decade.

Following are top 5 states in terms of population:

1. Uttar Pradesh (UP): 199.6 million
2 Maharashtra: 112.4 million
3. Bihar: 103.8 million
4. West Bengal: 91.3 million
5. Andhra Pradesh (AP) : 84.7 million

The total number of children in the age group of 0-6 years is 158.8m, a decline of 5 million, or 3.1percent, since 2001; - 2.4 percent for males and – 3.8 percent for female. Number of persons per sq km has risen by 17.5 percent to 382 from 325.

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