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LHMS – AP Police App Installation Guide and Uses of Locked House Monitoring System

The Police department of Andhra Pradesh has come out with an innovative idea to reduce the crime rate in the state, particularly burglaries and thefts. The Police have introduced Locked House Monitoring System (LHMS), an App designed with a Concept to Monitor the Locked Houses in the state.

Following is the step by step procedure to download LHMS AP police app:

1) Log on to google play store at
2) Type LHMS AP Police app in the search box
3) First app will be the official app of AP Police.

Locked House Monitoring System - LHMS app for AP Police will help those moving on tour to villages and holidays to protect their properties at home. The experiment by Ananthapur Police has inspired the authorities to adapt it for the whole state.

4) Click on 'install' to install the app to your mobile phone.
5) There will be an options in the app "Request Police Watch''. You can give the details to police through this option if you are going away from house on a tour. You need to mention the departure and arrival dates so that the police will arrange security for your house.

6) After registering the app, the police will come to your house and fix a camera and modem at the house for security.
7) The camera and mobile number of the owner will be integrated with the police control room.
8) The camera alarm will alert the police if somebody tries to enter into the house.
9) The photos and information received by police control room also will be shared with the owner of the house.

Most of thefts are happening in the holidays and during summer as the people move out to tours and villages. The app has been successfully implemented by Ananthapur police and now it is applied for the entire Andhra Pradesh.

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