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List of Andhra Students in Tri Valley University- San Francisco

Following are names of some of the Telugu students studying in Tri-Valley University, San Francisco, United States (US). Tri-Valley University is in the news for mal-practices and fraud in Student Visas. The University has been shut down and the students could lose their visa status. It is estimated that there are more than 1500 students studying various courses in Tri Valley University and about 95 percent of them are from India. Andhra Pradesh has sent more number of students to Tri Valley University. Meanwhile, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh has also opened a Help Line number 040- 23220603, for students and their families to help or provide information through the NRI Cell of Government of Andhra Pradesh.

Following list is based on student profiles available on the website of Tri Valley University,

1. Suresh Jaggari (Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering Department)
2. Bob Boinpally (Ph.D. Electrical Engineering Department)
3. Ashwin Reddy Gantareddy Ramathirtham (Ph.D. Computer Science and Engineering Department)
4. Ram Reddy Tippani (Ph.D. Computer Science and Engineering Department)
5. Abhilash Surineni (Ph.D In Law)
6. Samuel Kancharakuntla (Ph.D. in School of Business)
7. Indra Gudipati (Ph.D. School of Business)
8. Ravi Adla (Ph.D. in School of Business)
9. Mahendar Vallapu (Ph.D. in School of Business)
10. Sai Divya Enni, (MSCS)
11. Sowjanya Veeravatnam (MSCS)
12. Subrahmanyam Dandamudi (MBA)
13. Vasanthi Soma (MBA)
14. Shashikanth Mugali (MBA)
15. Beula Chandrapati (MBA)

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3 thoughts on “List of Andhra Students in Tri Valley University- San Francisco

  1. ashy108

    Every student studying in tri valley univ knows abt these facts. Any one who have come to US for getting a good degree will not come to tri valley.


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