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London Olympics 2012 – Interesting Facts and Figures

The Olympics 2012 have been started on 27th July with a grand ceremony in London. The guests include Queen Elizabeth II, David Beckham, James Bond and Mr. Bean. Bradley Wiggins, Tour de France winner rang a 23 ton bell to start the Olympic extravaganza. Director Danny Boyle of Slumdog Millionaire has handed seven teenage athletes the greatest honour of igniting the Olympic cauldron. There are so many interesting facts and figures related to London Olympics. Previous Olympics were held in Beijing in 2008. You can see the medals tally of Beijing Olympics and London Olympics. Following are brief statistics of London Olympics 2012:

1) Number of days the event will be held: 19 days
2) Number of events in the competition: 26 events
3) Total venues for competitions: 34
4) Number of countries participating in the event: 204
5) Number of computers being used for the event: 15,000
6) Total number of play items: 10,00,000
7) Visitors to London for the event: 20,00,000
8) Total expenditure for the event: Rs. 4818 crores
9) Total meals to be served: 1,40,00,000
10) Additional trains to be run for London Olympics 2012: 4,000
11) Media representatives covering Olympics: 21,000
12) Total condoms available for Athletes in the sports village: 15,00,000.
13) Athletes failed in dope test and faced ban before the commencement of the event: 107
14) Torch bearers in Britain: 8,000
15) Total dope tests to be conducted: 5000
16) Prayer halls in Olympic Stadium: 4
17) Direct viewers of the event: 8,00,000 +
18) Tickets printed for Olympics and Paralimpics: 11,00,000
19) Total athletes and sports persons to be participated in the event: 10490
20) Machinery being used by Broadcasting companies to telecast the event: 400 tones

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