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Lunar Eclipse on 15th-16th June 2011- Total Eclipse in Maharashtra

A complete lunar eclipse (Chandra Grahan) will be visible on 15th June 2011. It will be the first lunar eclipses in 2011. The second Lunar eclipse will occur on 10th December 2011. The lunar eclipse on 15th June 2011 will be visible countries spanning across Africa, Central Asia, South America, western Africa, and Europe. The eclipse will be setting over Eastern Asia. In the countries located in Western Asia, Australia and the Philippines, the 15th June lunar eclipse will be visible just before sunrise. The total lunar eclipse can be visible in Maharashtra in India. The significance of 15th June 2011 lunar eclipse is the moon passes through the center line of the Earth's shadow. The similar lunar eclipse that is closer to the Earth's shadow was visible on 16th July 2000.

A total lunar eclipse, or Chandra Grahan can be viewed in the following parts of Maharashtra in India. These are Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Nagpur and some other parts of Maharashtra. The lunar eclipse may be visible on 15th June 2011 and 16th June 2011. The eclipse can be viewed from the night of June 15 to the early hours of 16th June 2011. As per the Indian Standard Time, the time of Chandra Grahan (Lunar Eclipse) will be from 11:53 PM (IST) on June 15 to 03:32 AM (IST) on June 16, 2011. Following are the brief statistics of Lunar Eclipse on 15th - 16th June 2011:

1. Chandra Grahan (Lunar Eclipse) June 2011: Visible in Pune, Mumbai, Nagpur and other parts of Maharashtra
2. Grahan Sparsh kaal or Eclipse begins: 11:53 PM on June 15 (IST)
3. Total Lunar Eclipse starts at : 12:52 AM on June 16 (IST)
4. Total Lunar Eclipse on 16th June begins at : 02:33 AM (IST)
5. Grahan Moksha Kaal (End of Eclipse) : At 03:32 AM on 16th June 2011 (IST)

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