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Major Panchayats in Krishna District of AP

Following are major panchayats in Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh. Major panchayats are identified with more than 10000 votes. Major panchayats are located in Penamalur, Mylavaram, Kaikaluru, Nandigama, Jaggayyapeta, Pamarru, Gudivada and Kanuru Mandals of the district. Following are the details of Major Panchayats in Krishna district:

Kanuru: 49006 voters
Kankipadu: 14616 voters
Penamaluru: 13170 voters
Yanamalakuduru: 34117 voters
Poranki: 25545 voters
Tadigadapa: 17462 voters
Gollapudi:37349 voters
Kondapalli: 33373 voters
Ibrahimpatnam: 30205 voters
Ramavarappadu: 22222 voters
Nunna: 14176 voters
Prasadampadu: 13941 voters
Mylavaram: 21763 voters
Vissannapet: 17852 voters
Nidamanuru: 13581 voters
Enikepadu: 11039 voters
Guntupalli: 11187 voters
Bapulapadu: 15223 voters
Buddhavaram: 10309 voters
Gannavaram: 20728 voters
Keesarapalli: 10480 voters
Avanigadda: 23737 voters
Challapalli: 17067 voters
Lakshmipuram: 12925 voters
Koduru: 14747 voters
Gudlavalleru: 10491 voters
Kaikaluru: 21292 voters
Pamarru: 21395 voters
Chandarlapadu: 11228 voters
Kanchikacharla: 22756 voters
Chillakallu: 13091 voters
Penuganchiprolu: 14374 voters.

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