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Menstrual Leaves for Women Employees in India

There is growing demand for menstrual leaves for women employees in India. The demands are spreading after Matrubhumi TV channel in Kerala has made provisions for women employees to avail leaves during menstruation. And these are considered as paid leaves.

Now the ruling CPM party in Kerala is proposed to make law for menstruation leaves for women employees in the state of Kerala. The CPM is also demanding for the nation wide discussion on the issue for menstrual leaves considering the physical difficulties of women during those days.

Menstrual leaves for working women is in practice in Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia and South Korea. Italy and China are actively considering the proposal for the implementation.

The women organisations in India are demanding for the menstruation leaves over and above the existing leaves quota and categories and not to mix with present sick leaves. They are asking the government to make legal provisions in this regard.

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