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New Wanaparthy District Map, Mandals, Assembly Constituencies in Telangana

Following are the details of Wanaparthy district in Telangana state. This is the new district carved out of the Mahabubnagar district. The district headquarter is Wanaparthy. The district has come into force from Dasara 2016.

The Assembly constituencies in new Wanaparthy district are Devarakadra, Wanaparthy, Makthal, Gadwal, Alampur (SC) and Kollapur. Several new revenue divisions also formed in the district.

Mandals in the districts are Peddamandadi, Wanaparthy, Pangal, Pebbair, Veepangandla, Maldakal, Ghattu, Nandinne, Dhanur, Itikyal, Atmakur, Nandinee, Aiza, Alampur, Vaddepalle etc. Following is the map of Wanaparthy district consisting of new mandals, borders, assembly constituencies, roads and railways etc.

Wanaparthy district map

New Districts, Revenue Divisions and Mandals in Telangana State - 2016

New Districts Draft Notifications - GOs 2016

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