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Profile of A S Manohar of Chittoor Constituency

Manohar is a former TDP leader from Chittoor Assembly constituency of Chittoor district in Andhra Pradesh. He served as an MLA from Chittoor constituency during 2004-09. Manohar did not get TDP ticket in 2009 elections and has not been active in the party and politics since then. The strongman in the constituency CK Jayachandra Reddy of the Congress Party won in 2009 Assembly elections. Jaya Chandra Reddy is also known as CK Babu. Manohar recently joined in YSR Congress party (YSRCP) and entered into active politics.

Manohar's entry into YSRCP is likely to change the dynamics of politics in Chittoor Assembly Constituency. There seems to be some resentment among the Peddireddi Ramachandra Reddy group over Manohar's entry into YSRCP. Manohar has also served as Chittoor Municipal Chairman. There are some other strong people in the constituency such as Srinivasulu and K. Narayana Swamy. With this background, 2014 Assembly elections in the constituency are likely to draw much attention of the voters. Following is the profile / bio-data of A.S. Manohar:

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5 thoughts on “Profile of A S Manohar of Chittoor Constituency

  1. SURYA

    Definitely C K Babu will Win this time also as A S Manohar and Srinivasulu not capable for MLA post and help people in chittoor.

  2. Pramila

    AS Manohar is incapable as a leader. TDP has given him ticket 3 times and he won only one time that too with the hep of Adikesavulu Naidu. When TDP has not given him ticket in 2009 he did not participate in TDP activities. When TDP members worked in unity to make Manohar win in 2004 elections how can AS Manohar become inactive and not help any TDP memeber during ELEC 2009 being TDP leader. Is this right? When ever people approach he always why din't you do this/that. Being a leader he should listen to People requirements and work accordingly with the government to make it work. He does not even ask people for votes and walks in a style on the roads. If he is like this before even winning election how can he be when he becomes MLA. I never saw any developments in chittoor during his tenure as MLA. He does not have guts to become a good leader to help Chitoor people. Do not vote him. CK Babu helped lot of poor and needy in and around chittoor. Jai CK Babu.

  3. prakash K

    As per my opinion party never matter only the person and leader who sitting in position want know the ground reality and accordingly should take action in a proper channel and to help people and society.
    Feed back system is very important for being a leader to inform people what action taken on their request.
    Appointment for people 24x 7 to meet leader.
    Should be role model.
    jai hind...


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