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Profile of Buchepalli Sivaprasada Reddy- Subba Reddy – Darsi

Buchepalli family has been dominating the politics in Darsi Constituency of Prakasam district since 2004 Assembly Elections. Buchepally Subbareddy won from Darsi as an Independant MLA in 2004 elections and later shifted his loyalties to the Congress Party . His son, Buchepalli Sivaprasada Reddy has won from the same constituency in 2009 elections on the ticket of Congress Party. There have been twists in the constituency politics after 2009 elections and Siva Prasada Reddy has been active in YSR Congress.

The TDP was a big looser in the Prakasam district and Darsi constituency as well in the recent times. Siva Prasada Reddy has been loyal to YS Jagan Mohan Reddy after the death of YSR Reddy. The Buchepally family has been into education, colleges business and also in film production. Siva Prasada Reddy recently got married and he is the youngest MLA of the Darsi Constituency.

Buchepally Subba Reddy and Siva Prasada Reddy belongs to Chimakurthy of Prakasam District. Subbareddy born on 14th August 1950 and studies B.A. before entering into business. Subba Reddy and Siva Prasada Reddy won from Darsi Constituency in 2004 and 2009 elections respectively. It is most likely that Siva Prasada Reddy may contest from Darsi on YSR Congress Party ticket in the 2014 elections.

Subba Reddy married to Smt.B. Venkayamma and have two sons and one daughter. He is a lover of devotional activities and meetings.He is also served as Lions Club President in Chimakurthy. He published devotional books such as Sri Surya Vastu Deepika, Shuklambara, dharam and Sukthi Sathakam.

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