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Profile of D Vittal Rao of Mahabubnagar

Devarakonda Vittal Rao is a former Member of Parliament from Mahabubnagar Lok Sabha Constituency in Andhra Pradesh. He is a leader of the Congress party from Mahaboobnagar district. Here is a brief profile and biodata of Vittal Rao. Vittal Rao's parents are D. Sayappa and Thimmamma. He was born on 14-11-1947 at Lagacharla of Mahabubnagar district.

Vittal Rao married Smt Nirmala on 07th JUly 1971. They have four sons and two daughters. He studied B.A., L.L.B and educated at Osmania University, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. He is basically a businessman and later entered into politics. His permanent address is at F15 Road No. 51N, Jublee Hills, Hyderabad. AP.

Vittal Rao was elected to 14th Lok Sabha in 2004 and held the position of MP till 2009. In 2009, KCR of Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) has won the Mahaboobnagar Lok Sabha seat. Vittal Rao served as member of the committees on Privileges, Urban Development and Financial Committee on Estimates.

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1 thought on “Profile of D Vittal Rao of Mahabubnagar

  1. Raj

    He is helping nature person, he helped many poor people, especially street vendors & road side sellers. He helped us from police harassment. In front of his house we have sugar cane juice bhandi.


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