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Profile of SV Subba Reddy of Kurnool District

S.V. Subba Reddy is a former minister and senior politician from Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh. He was associated with the TDP for a long time and served as a Minister in the TDP governments. Presently he is with YSR Congress Party.

SV Subba Reddy represented Pattikonda Assembly for four terms. He served as Sarpanch, President of District Co-Operative bank and also as Chairman of State Co-Operative bank. Bhuma Sobha Nagireddy is daughter of Subba Reddy and Bhuma Nagireddy is son in law. Both Nagireddy and Sobha Nagireddy are with YSR Congress. Following is the profile / biodata of SV Subba Reddy:

SV Subba Reddy YSR Congress

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