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Profile of Thumma Bala-New Archbishop of Hyderabad

Thumma Bala has been elevated as Archbishop of Hyderabad in the place of Marampudi Joji, who was expired about an year back due to health problems. Thumma Bala is presently serving as Bishop of Kazipet Diocese of Roman Catholics. Bala has been in that position for the past 24 years. He was also in-charge of Warangal and Karimnagar districts. Bala expressed his thanks to Pope Benedict XVI of Vatican for appointing him as Archbishop of Hyderabad. Following is the brief profile of Thumma Bala:

1. Date of Birth and year: 1944
2. Place and District of Birth: Narmetta Village in Warangal district
3. Initiated as Pastor: 1970
4. Appointed as Bishop of Kazipet Diocese: 1985
5. Activities: Played key role in establishing schools, colleges, hospitals and engineering institutes in Warangal district.

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