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Profile of Vasireddy Padma-YSR Congress

Vasireddy Padma, the famous television face of Praja rajyam Party (PRP) has quit the PRP and joined hands with Y.S. Jagan's YSR Congress Party. Padma joined the party on the founding day of the YSR Congress at Jaggayyapet in Krishna district. Vasireddy Padma and her husband Kanikarla Wesley were active members of the PRP before joining in YSR Congress Party. Padma alleged that Chiranjeevi is a cheater and she has decided to quit the party against PRP Chief's decision to merge PRP with the Congress.

Vasireddy Padma and Wesley expected Nandigama (Krishna) MLA seats in 2009 elections. But the PRP President, Chiranjeevi denied tickets to them and preferred Kotagiri Vidyadhara Rao to look after party affairs in the district. Padma alleged that she was depressed with not being given importance in PRP despite her positions as official spokesperson of the party. Vasireddy Padma belongs to Kamma community of the Krishna district.

Given the women dominance in YSR Congress Party, there will be a tough fight between film actor and ex- Telugu Mahila (TDP) President Roja, Vasireddy Padma, Sobha Nagireddy and Konda Surekha for the top positions in the party. Though Konda Surekha may get into top brass of the party because of her position in the past, other women leaders may fight for the President post of Women Wing of the YSR Congress.

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5 thoughts on “Profile of Vasireddy Padma-YSR Congress

  1. Srinivas Reddy

    Madam we r d true followers of YSR and JAGAN
    We wish to give some small information
    As our previous C M BABU GARU He himself written some book
    Stating all subsidys samkshema padakalu to be
    Abondoned for the welfare of d state
    Now howcome he says every thing is free
    Howcome he became a all free
    Madam please go through this subject and
    Focus this in media and in public
    Thank you madam
    With kind Regards

    1. anand

      Srinivas reddy if you have any good will on YS Rajasekshar reddy thats up to you but that should not be passed to this vasi reddy padma, do u aware that she is from other party and she came thinking that in the next coming elections jagan will be the cm - other than that nothing is there.

  2. Sunil reddy

    Arey, she is a jumper without any patience for position. All these kind of people and thier pseudo efforts or the claim as champions of something is waste. They need quick money. That is possible only in politics. dont follow and waste your time and energy for them. especially this padma is nowhere till PRP and now she spoke like a utopian. in her words, we can easily catch her intention to get fame and multiply her wealth.


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