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Sakala Online Services in Bangalore – Karnataka

Karnataka Government today put online its on time (Sakala) services to help citizens of the state to get various services from the government in time. Karnataka Law and Justice Minister T B Jayachandra launched 69 services online under the Sakala Scheme through Right to Citizen Services Act 2011.

Sakala ensured 375 services of government departments including municipal, revenue, education etc. to citizens in a given time. Out of these services, 69 will now be provided online throughout the state of Karnataka.

The services may also include departments such as Transport department, Administrative reforms, primary education,commercial taxes, Commerce and Industries, Housing department have offered various online services through Sakaala Scheme.

It is observed that about 33.15 lakhs applications were received for various citizen services. Out of these, 98.43 percent services were disposed off in time. The Government of Karnataka was also planning to open a cyber centre in each of the gram panchayats for availing online services under Sakala Scheme. At present, these services are available for Bangaloreans under Bangalore one portal.

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