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Sony Ericsson GSM Models and Prices in India

Sony Ericsson is one of the leading GSM Mobile handset brands in India. It offers wide variety of models embedded with all the latest features and technology. The company is providing beautiful and pocket sized handsets which can meet all your imaginations. Xperia mini and Xperia mini pro are the most advanced models from the Sony Ericsson brand. The latest from the company are Mix Walkman phone and Sony Ericsson txt pro. Mix Walkman is a complete full touch Walkman phone for music buffs. Sony Ericsson txt pro is for GenNext with Wifi for faster chatting and browsing features. You can just hang on to your social network on txt pro. Following are the prices of some important handset models from Sony Ericsson (Prices shown below may slightly vary depending upon the city / town):

1. Sony Ericsson - XPERIA X10: Rs.24,900
2. Sony Ericsson - Satio: Rs.23,300
3. Sony Ericsson - Vivaz Pro: Rs.21,100
4. Sony Ericsson - Vivaz: Rs.18,100
5. Sony Ericsson - M1i Aspen: Rs.15,300
6. Sony Ericsson - XPERIA X10 mini pro: Rs.14,300
7. Sony Ericsson - Xperia X8: Rs.13,250
8. Sony Ericsson - XPERIA X10 mini: Rs.12,150
9. Sony Ericsson - Yari: Rs.11,800
10. Sony Ericsson - J20 Hazel: Rs.10,700
11. Sony Ericsson - Elm: Rs.8,800
12. Sony Ericsson - T715: Rs.8,500
13. Sony Ericsson - W20 Zylo: Rs.7,700
14. Sony Ericsson - Jalou F100: Rs.7,200
15. Sony Ericsson - Naite: Rs.6,000
16. Sony Ericsson - Cedar: Rs.5,200
17. Sony Ericsson - Spiro: Rs.4,900

If you want to buy any of the above or other models of Sony Ericsson, you can find authorized dealers nearest to your location on the official website of the company at . The website also offers software updates, trouble shooting and support guides for all of its models. You can also get details of Extras and Accessories for Car through logging on to the site.

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