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Speculations on Digvijaya – Kiran Reddy Meet

Though the tour of AICC Secretary General and In-Chrage of AP Congress Affairs, Digvijaya Singh has been ended, there is still some information gap on the points of discussion in the meeting took place between him and CM Kiran Kumar Reddy.

The media has predicted that Digvijaya could have asked the CM to send Telangana bill back to home ministry within a week, for which the CM has rejected. It is also reported that the CM has told Diggy Raja firmly that he will use the entire time given by the President to discuss the AP Reorganisation Bill 2013.

But the latest findings in Telangana Bill with regard to Article 371-D by Kiran Kumar Reddy are giving fresh speculations that the CM may not protest on the Bill at the Assembly level. It is also observed that the CM is changing the tune to suit the high command line and propagating the issue of 371-D.

He is likely to pacify Seemandhra MLAs on the ground that the bill can not be passed in Lok Sabha unless 371-D is amended by the Parliament with 2/3 majority. It is observed that Digvijaya has hinted the CM to clear the Biil at Assembly level in order to continue in the CM post till the next elections. Is the CM also falling in high command line incrementally?

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