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Step by Step Guide to Watermark Images with Irfan View

Adding a watermark to the image gives authentication and credibility to it. Though there are many free and paid applications to view pictures, you may not be able to add watermark with most of the services. MS Paint is the most popular and easily accessed one to view, edit and carry out some effects to images. But the story probably ends with that. Irfan View is more advanced than MS Paint and you can apply more effects to your images. More importantly, you can add a water mark to images. Bloggers also need to water mark their photos in order to prevent copying and displaying ownership of the image. You can do this very easily with Irfan View.

Irfan View is free software and can be downloaded from many free download sites on the web. You can also download it from home page of the official website. The application takes just 1.3 MB of your disk space. The software can work on from Windows 95 to the latest Windows 7. It supports all formats of images like jpeg, tiff, gif, bmp, png along with flash, mpeg, mp3. You can view, edit and convert photos and audio files supported to that. You do not require any specialized knowledge to use Irfan View. It is very user friendly.

Let’s come to the important issue, adding water mark to your photo. Here is a step by step process to execute this.

A. Select a part of the image where you want to add water mark. After selecting the place, go to the ‘Edit’ and then choose ‘Insert Text Into Selection’ option.

B. Before entering your text, you can also choose your favorite color of the text, font, size and style of the text. You can experiment with various fonts and styles to look it more attractive.

C. You can change the text and styles any number of times till you satisfied with that. You just click on Undo and keep changing. If you feel that it does not look much professional, try to go for paid services like watermark-software dot com.

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