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Aadhaar Card is slowly making roads into every aspect of life in India. Banks, Post Offices, Railways and several other public services such as PDS are implementing Aadhaar Cards as an important proof of identity. Now it is the turn of mobile phone connections. Soon you may need to submit Aadhaar Card Unique Number to get a mobile phone connection. Rajasthan has started Cash Transfer Scheme based on Aadhaar Card.

You may not be asked to submit photos and filling lengthy applications for getting a cell phone connection. The shoppers may ask you to give biometric proof on a device to get SIM card immediately. The leading mobile service provider, Airtel is planning to start Aadhaar enabled KYC (Know Your Customer) services in the capital city Delhi.

Another service provider, Vodafone has already implemented this in Andhra Pradesh. The company is offering Aadhaar enabled services in AP it's stores at Hyderabad and Vijaywada. The other telecom service providers may also start the pilot projects in various parts of country.

The Aadhaar is likely to give relief to several urban and rural mobile customers who do not have proper documentation. The Government is yet to give final approval for mobile companies as Aadhaar information also consists of security information of the customers. The Aadhaar is already being used in the implementation of schemes such as PDS distribution, MGNREGS, pension, scholarship and distribution of subsidised LPG etc.

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