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August 28, 2012: Here is a good chance for getting Aadhaar Card for those missed the enrollment in the first phase. The Govt. of Andhra Pradesh has started Second phase Aadhar enrollment. The process has already been started in Hyderabad district. Two enrollment centers at SR Nagar and Chintal Basthi have been set up and will start functioning from 28th August 2012.

You can also apply online for Aadhaar Card in Andhra Pradesh. It is observed that the process has been delayed than the expected time. The Jubilee Hills and Banjara Hills have not been completely covered till the date. On the other hand, Govt. is emphasizing on the Aadhaar Cards to issue PDS rice and avail other schemes of the Government.

There are also complaints on the mistakes in Aadhaar Cards. The mistakes in the names, surnames, dates of birth, door numbers are haunting the people. The cards are not being used as ID proofs due to mistakes in spellings and numbers. People can correct them through the Aadhaar Centers. The Aadhaar centers at SR nagar and Chintal basthi may be continued till the end of the entire process.

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