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It appears that the 371-D article of the Indian Constitution is still haunting the Congress party in the formation of Telangana state. The insertion of a clause related to 371-D in the AP Reorganization Draft Bill 2013 alias Telangana Bill has again given speculations on the relevance of 371-D Article.

The Attorney General, Vahanavathi's opinions on 371-D seems to be creating hurdles in the way of the formation of new state of Telangana. The Congress party is in the view that the issue will be taken up after clearing the Telangana Bill in the Parliament.

It is not clear whether the amendment to 371-D article, if required at all, should be prior or later to the pass of bill in Parliament. The Congress may like to pass the bill initially and go for amendment later if required.

On the other hand, Supreme Court of India may take up the hearing on the bifurcation issue once the AP Reorganisation Bill 2013 is tabled in the Parliament. The Court may give more clarity on the issue of 371-D and its role in the bifurcation process.

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