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Anantapur is the largest district of Andhra Pradesh with headquarters in Anantapur town. It is part of the Rayalaseema region of the state. It has close affinity with Bellary area of Karnataka state. The Anantapur district was divided into 3 Revenue Divisions as Anantapur Division, Dharmavaram Division and Penukonda Division for administrative convenience.

Anantapur district is part of Rayalaseema region in the state. The political strengths and shifts in the districts are mostly dominated by factions and groups at intra and inter party levels. The TDP has been very strong in the district for a long time. After the death of its crucial leader, Paritala Ravi, the TDP seems losing grip on the district. The results of 2009 Assembly elections gave almost equal importance and weightage to both the major parties of the state, the Congress and the TDP. The PRP failed in creating any impact in the faction ridden district politics. Out of total 14 seats, the Congress and TDP won 8 and 6 seats respectively. Important politicians of the district are J.C. Divakar Reddy, Payyavula Kesav, N. Raghuveera Reddy, Paritala Sunitha, Nimala Kistappa etc.

Following is the list of MLAs and MPs from the district after 2009 Assembly and Parliament elections:

1. Uravakonda: Payyavula Keshav – Telugu Desam
2. Singanamala: Dr Sake Sailajanath – Congress Party
3. Raptadu: Paritala Sunithamma – Telugu Desam
4. Guntakal: Madhusudhan – Congress Party
5. Kalyandurg: Neelakantapuram Raghuveera Reddy – Congress Party
6. Hindupur: P Abdul Ghani – Telugu Desam
7. Madakasira: K Sudhakar – Congress Party
8. Penukonda: B K Parthasarathi – Telugu Desam
9. Dharmavaram: Kethireddi Venkata Rami Reddy – Congress Party
10. Anantapur Urban: B Gurunatha Reddy – Congress Party
11. Tadpatri: Diwakar Reddy J.C. – Congress Party
12. Rayadurg: Kapu Ramachandra Reddy – Congress Party
13. Puttaparthi: Palle Raghunatha Reddy – Telugu Desam
14. Kadiri: Kandikunta Venkata Prasad – Telugu Desam

MPs of Anantapur district:

1. Anantapur: Anantha Venkata Rami Reddy – Congress Party (INC)
2. Hindupur: Kristappa Nimmala – Telugu Desam (TDP)

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