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The Government of Andhra Pradesh has announced all new offer in the form of free housing for the AP employees who shift from Hyderabad to Vijayawada. The Government has been trying to the convince the employees to relocate the administration to Vijayawada as soon as possible.

In the latest effort, the AP Government offered free housing facility for the employees if they shift to Vijayawada. The government will pay the EMIs to builder and the employees have to forget about HRA. This will benefit the employees as the house rents in Vijayawada region are much higher than the HRA.

The AP employees in Hyderabad have been indifferent to relocate to Vijayawada citing various reasons like housing, education, local and non local status to students etc.

The AP Government has already reached an agreement with HUDCO to build 10000 houses for the employees. The entire cost will be taken care by the Government and the employees have to forgo HRA only for staying the houses. They need not pay any EMIs to the builder.

It is also clarified that the Government will pay the difference amount to the builder if the EMI is higher than the HRA. The Government also decided to use guest houses at Vijayawada, Guntur, Mangalagiri and Gannavaram instead of star hotels as offices of ministers.

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