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Anna Hazare, the man behind ongoing social reform movement and anti-corruption agitation in India, is a well known social activist. He has been in news recently for his advocacy of Jan Lokpal Bill and its enactment in Parliament. Anna Hazare, a Gandhian in belief and practice is a retired soldier of the Indian Army. Anna Hazare is an instrumental figure in the success of Right to Information Movement in India and the consequent RTI Act. Presently, Anna Hazare along with other social activists such as Kiran Bedi, Arvind Kejriwal and Legal activists like Santosh Hegde, Prashanth Bhushan etc. is fighting for a strong Lokpal Bill to curb corruption in India. Following is the brief profile, biodata, works, service of Anna Hazare and important awards received by him:

Anna Hazare's original name is Kisan Baburao Hazare. He was born on 15th June 1937 at Bhingar, a small village near Ahmednagar in the erstwhile Bombay Province and present Maharashtra. Anna's contribution to the all round development and prosperity of Ralegan Siddhi has brought him into the limelight. Ralegan Siddhi is a village in Parner taluka of Ahmednagar district. Anna developed this village as a model village and received highest civilian awards such as Padma Bhushan from Govt. of India. Anna Hazare is unmarried, joined the Indian Army during 1960s and served the country as a soldier (Driver) for 15 years. He was posted in Sikkim, Bhutan, Jammu Kashmir, Assam, Mizoram, Leh and Ladakh during his tenure in the Army.

Anna Hazare has become popular face of social activism after leading various non-violent movements against corruption initially in Maharashtra and later at the National level. He started a fast unto death on 5th April 2011 for the enactment of Jan Lokpal Bill intended to deal sternly with growing corruption at all levels of the administration. He has been advocating for the inclusion of the office of Prime Minister (PMO) and Higher Judiciary such as the Supreme Court in the Lok Pal Bill, where the Govt. of India find serious difference with Anna Hazare and his team's proposals. Anna Hazare is likely to start another fast unto death from 16th August 2011 demanding inclusion of PMO and Judiciary in Lokpal Bill. You can get more info on life, biography and works of Anna Hazare at OR .

List of Awards to Anna Hazare:

1) Padma Bhushan Award: 6th April 1992 (For Social Work)
2) Padmashri Award : 24th march 1990 (For Social Work)
3) Priy Darshini Vriksha Mitra Award, Govt. of India
4) Krushi Bhushan Award, Govt. of Maharashtra
5) Young India Award
6) Man of the Year Award for 1988
7) Paul Mittal National Award: 2000
8) Transparency International (TI) Integrity Award: 2003
9) Doctorate from Gandhi Gram Rural Institute, Tamil Nadu
10) Vivekananda Seva Puraskar: 1994
11) Shiromani Award: 1996
12) Mahaveer Puraskat: 1997
13) CARE International Award: 1998
14) National Integration Award: 1999
15) Jana Seva Puraskar: 1998
16) Rotary International Manav Seva Puraskar

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