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Widespread panic across the state of Andhra Pradesh over the sudden rise in dog bites and subsequent fears of rabies have alerted both citizens and government. There is so much confusion among the people of Hyderabad about availability rabies vaccine in the twin cities. Institute of Preventive Medicine (IPM) at Narayanaguda is the only center most of people know for supply of anti rabies vaccine for free of cost. With the dramatic rise of dog bite victims, the Govt. of Andhra Pradesh has decided to make rabies vaccine available in more places in Hyderabad. At present, anti-rabies vaccine are available at the five maternity centres located at Amberpet, Lalapet, Jangammet, Sriramnagar and Panipura near Puranapul. Following are the medical / health centers where anti rabies vaccine is available free of cost:

1. Amberpet Maternity Center, Near multi purpose stadium
2. Lalapet Maternity Center, Opposite Ram Theatre
3. Jangammet Maternity Center, Near Chandrayana Gutta Rythu Bazaar
4. Sriram nagar near Vengal Rao nagar
5. Panipura near Puranapul
6. Osmania General Hospital
7. Gandhi Hospital
8. Fever Hospital

Anti rabies injection costs about Rs. 350 per dose at private hospitals and clinics. Anti Rabies injections available in the market are Rabipur, Verorab, Indirab, Abhayrab and Vixarib.

Victims of dog bite should take these steps :

1. Clean the wound with soap a couple of times
2. TT Injection should be taken
3. Should not dress the wound with bandage or suture the wound
4. Anti rabbies injection should be taken within 24 hours
5. Regular diet should be followed and alcohol consumption should be avoided
6. Injections should be taken with a time interval of 0, 3 , 7 and 28 days from the day of dog bite.

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