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The term 'asphyxia' is in the news after the announcement of post mortem report of Sadiq Batcha, who is a close aide of A. Raja, tainted former central minister accused in 2G Spectrum Scam. V. Dekal, the doctor who performed autopsy on the body of Batcha said that the death of business associate of Raja was due to asphyxia. Asphyxia is a physiological condition in which an extreme decrease in the concentration of oxygen in the human body will occur. This condition is also accompanied by an abnormal increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide. These conditions will lead to loss of consciousness or death in a person. Asphyxia can also be induced by choking, electric shock, injury, drowning, or the inhalation of toxic gases.

Dekal informed that the death is due to lack of oxygen in the blood causing unconsciousness or death, which is called asphyxia in medical terminology. He also said that the signs / symptoms such as bluish fingers and damage to internal organs are also indicating the condition of asphyxia.

Britannica Concise Encyclopedia describes asphyxia as the condition of lack of exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood due to respiratory failure. This will result in insufficient brain oxygen and further cause unconsciousness or death. The world popular and standard Encyclopedia also says that known causes for asphyxia include strangulation, drowning, and carbon monoxide poisoning.

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