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Its raining soaps for various castes and communities in Andhra Pradesh. The TDP Government has started various welfare schemes for the poeple of the state. Chandranna Pelli Kanuka for BC community is the latest one among them. Each newly married wed couple will get Rs. 30000 under this scheme.

Eligibility for Pelli Kanuka:

Chandranna Pelli Kanuka (Marriage Gift / Wedding Gift) will be implemented from the new year 2018. BC community people with white ration card and those below poverty line are eligible for this scheme.

Age of the bridegroom should be above 21 years and bride should have minimum 18 years. It is estimated that about 40000 marriages will take place in BC communities in 2017-18. The Government of AP has allocated Rs. 120 crore for this purpose.

The Government has also launched Dulhan Schemes for minorities. Rs. 50000 will be given to the newly married couple under Dulhan scheme. All these schemee will be brought under a single scheme and implemented soon. The oppositions YSRCP has also announced similar schemes to woo the people for the next elections.

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