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The CNN - IBN and CSDC Survey on Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh Assembly elections has predicted that the BJP is likely to retain to power in both the states. The survey jointly conducted by CNN - IBN, The Week and CSDS have predicted that the Congress would lose more number of votes in these states in the Assembly Elections 2008.

Madhya Pradesh Elections 2013 Scenario: The election survey has predicted that the BJP will secure 148 - 160 seats in 230 member Assembly. The Congress may get 52-62 seats in the elections. The BJP and Congress will get 44 percent and 33 percent of votes respectively.

The vote share of both the parties will increase comparing to 2008 elections. The BJP may secure 6.4 percent more seats while the congress vote share may go up 0.6 percent.

Chattisgarh Elections: In this state, the BJP will come again to power with 61-71 seats in 90 member assembly. Congress may confine itself to 16-24 seats. The vote share of the Congress will be down 6.6 percent while the BJP's vote share would go up 5.7 percent in the coming elections.

Lets wait and watch for the real results of the elections to be declared on 8th December 2013.

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