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The incumbent Vice President of China, Xi Jinping has been appointed as the new General Secretary of the ruling Communist Party. Xi Jinping will be succeeding President Hu Jintao. Hu will be retiring as the head of the Party and the most powerful military after 10 years. Here is the brief profile and biodata of Xi Jinping:

Xi Jinping is a 59 year old and would take the charge of the Party and Military from 15th November 2012. The formal announcement has been made by the CPC Politburo Standing Committee.

Xi will formally take the charge of the Government from March 2013 in a National People's Congress (NPC) meeting. Xi has worked as village head and known as hereditary communist. His father and former Deputy Prime Minister Xi Zhongxun was persecuted by party founder Mao Zedong.

Xi Zhongxun served as Deputy Prime Minister from 1959 to 1962. Mao disliked him for his moderate views. Xi Zhongxun has publicly condemned Tiananmen Square events in 1989. Xi Jinping has married Peng Liyuan, a famous Chinese folk singer. She was widely popular in 1980s.

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